Saturday, January 14, 2012

Easy and Effective MLK Activity!

I love this little story!  It teaches children about appreciating diversity in a Kinder-friendly way.  I do not actually have the book yet (it is on my long book wish list), but a simple Google search will bring up the poem.  Here it is:

While walking in a toy store the day before today,
I overheard a crayon box with many things to say.

"I don't like red!" said yellow and green said, "Nor do I!"
"And no one here likes orange, but no one knows quite why."

"We are a box of crayons that really doesn't get along,"
said blue to all the others, "something here is wrong!"
Well, I bought that box of crayons and took it home with me
And laid out all the crayons, so the crayons could all see.

They watched me as I colored with red and blue and green
And black and white and orange and every color in between.

They watched as green became the grass

And blue became the sky.
The yellow sun was shining bright on white clouds drifting by.

Colors changing as they touched, becoming something new.
They watched me as I colored.  They watched until I was through.

And when I'd finally finished, I began to walk away.
And as I did, the crayon box had something more to say...
"I do like red!" said yellow and green said, "So do I!"
"And blue, you are terrific so high up in the sky."

"We are a box of crayons, each of us unique,
But when we get together, the picture is complete."

1 - So first I read the poem to my students and then we discussed its message.  We related those ideas to what we have been learning about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

2 - Then, my students colored a self-potrait on a crayon pattern.  We used the crayon pattern found at KinderArt.  Click HERE to get your own copy!  My kiddos then cut out the crayon pattern.

3 - Finally, we put all the "crayons" into the "crayon box" that our WONDERFUL educational assistant created.  I know I have mentioned this in past posts...but she really is SO much more creative and artistic than I am.  Here is what she made:

Here is the finished project with the crayons:

I just found this really great post from First Grade to the Core that describes how another teacher uses this book / poem in her classroom.  Be sure to stop by because she shares TWO FREEBIES that you can use in order to make a classroom book that goes along with "The Crayon Box That Talked."

I would love to hear about how you use this book in your own classroom.  If you have ideas or comments, please do share them!  Thanks for stopping by!  :)


  1. Love this book and the activities you did to go along with it! I am your newest follower!

    Growing Up Teaching

  2. Hi Kim! Thanks for following my blog...I followed you back. I also followed some of your awesome Pinterest boards! :)

  3. Love this!! We are using it as our grade level bulletin boards for this month.

  4. The book that you are referring to is online as a read aloud if you ever want to play it for your class. I have to do that with some books that are not yet part of my own library.

    Here is the link below:

    1. How sweet of you to take the time to share! :) Thank you!


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