Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Growth Mindset in the Elementary Classroom (FREEBIE)

Have YOU read this book?

If so, what did / do you think!?  I'm in chapter 6 and so far, so good!  I appreciate that the author has taken such a big idea and narrowed it down to the classroom.

My awareness of and interest in growth mindset started last fall when I switched to a new school district.  Being a "new" teacher again, I was required to participate in the mentor / mentee program and part of our time was spent discussing...

This was a pretty good read in the sense that it taught me about growth mindset in general.  But if you're a teacher, I recommend Mary Cay Ricci's book instead.  She also has a resource book for teachers that I feel is worthwhile.

Okay, so are you wondering how I have applied my personal learning on growth mindset in the classroom?  Well, please read on!  :)

First off, I use a lot of short videos.  Class Dojo has a couple of series of videos that are AWESOME!

Here is the first video of the first series: "Growth Mindset for Students."  This series is complete (five in total).

And this is the first video of the second series, "Big Ideas," which is actually unlisted (I think because they are still working on this series), but if you have the link or you click on the image above, then you can view it.

Kizoom explains how challenges grow our brains.

Khan Academy does a great job of explaining things in kid-friendly terms in this video.

Of cooooourse, I also read a lot of books that have a growth mindset theme or lesson.  Here are some of my favorites!


Click HERE to read details on how we used Rosie Revere, Engineer in our classroom.  Ada Twist, Scientist does not come out until September 6th, 2016 (my birthday, eeeek!), but I'm sure it will be just as amazing as the first two!  You rock Andrea Beaty!

Speaking of authors that rock, let's throw Peter Reynolds into that boat!

And some more...

My husband claims that I say this about most children's books I read and own, but when I say, "Todd Parr is one of my FAVORITE authors!!" I really mean it.  :)

Todd Parr's colorful illustrations and simple (yet powerful) text make it the perfect book to use when first introducing your students to growth mindset.  FREEBIE ALERT: I created a response sheet that you can use with this book.  You can find it by visiting my TPT store.

If you want to talk with your students specifically about the brain, this is a good one!

Sometimes we include some growth mindset writing.  Growing Firsties has an A-MAZ-ING freebie that we use over the course of a couple weeks.  We discuss and work on a page here...a page there.

I am a huge proponent of school-to-home (and vice versa) communication, so of course I share with our families that we learn about growth mindset in our classroom.  For example, I sent home a FREE parent letter kindly provided to us by Sarah Gardner.

I also plaster our doors and walls with quotes that have a growth mindset theme.  Thanks to many of our gracious colleagues, there are LOTS out there for free!  Here are just a few examples of those kind teachers and their freebies:

I keep this hallway display up all year.  It is another FREEBIE...this one coming at you from Pinkadots Elementary.

On a final note, I have a "Growth Mindset" Pinterest board, in case you're interested in following.

Phew!  Seeing as I have not blogged in months and I'm on summer break, this required a lot of brain power, haha!  I hope you gained something from this post.  I'd love to hear how you use growth mindset in your classroom.  Feel free to comment below!

As always, thanks for stopping by!  :)