Saturday, December 5, 2015

Trendy Teacher Linky Party - I Think!?

Hey all!  Soooooo - I am not really sure what has happened to the Trendy Teachers linky party.  Perhaps it is now a no-go?  I have been searching (for weeks) for the link-up without any luck.  If you have any info, please pass it my way!

Well, I had this post written up already, so I just figured I could share it anyway.  Here goes!

This outfit may not be trendy, but it is definitely a teacher outfit!  LOL  It includes an apple / teacher shirt, apple earrings, and a teacher necklace (which also includes an apple), haha!

Okay, this outfit is not trendy either, but I just had to share.  Check out my personalized school t-shirt that I ordered online!

I was nervous about putting the "1" on the back because I did not want people to think #1.  It is supposed to represent 1st grade (but I could not get the "st" in there).

black peep-toe flats - Nine West
black lace skirt - Banana Republic
pink sweater - Old Navy
necklace - local artists show (birthday gift from my mama a few years ago)

yellow shoes - Aldo
gray pants - The Gap
yellow button-down shirt - Ralph Lauren
vest - H&M

I kept my outfit simple and comfortable for my FIRST observation by my new principal in my new school district!  :)

navy blue polka dot ballet flats - Old Navy
wool pants - Banana Republic
button-down shirt - American Eagle
lightweight sweater - The Gap (I think)

Aren't the buttons on the shoulder cute!?

This was my Veterans Day outfit...festive, but not over the top.  (I told you I wrote this post up a few weeks ago!)

cream wedges - Aldo
navy blue pants - Banana Republic
cream cable-knit sweater - The Gap
cardigan - Urban Outfitters
necklace and earrings - Francesca's

Thanks for stopping by!  :)


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