Friday, December 11, 2015

Join Me for a New and EASY Linky Party!

My new(ish) blog quote, Teaching Excellence by Caring, Sharing, and Preparing, got me thinking one day... "that would make for an easy-to-join linky party."  So then I contacted the fabulous Alexis Sanchez and asked her to design some linky party images for me.
Check 'em out!

So what makes this linky party so EASY to join?'s because you can link up just about any of your blog posts, as long as it falls under one of the three categories below.

What types of blog posts can be categorized as "caring?"  Here are just a few ideas that pop into my brain:

  • suggestions for picture books that focus on character education
  • ideas for teaching students how to resolving conflicts in healthy ways
  • tips on how you help students with extreme emotional challenges
  • ways that you make learning fun and engaging for your students so they want to come to school
  • suggestions on how to build a strong school-to-home connection
  • tips for how you build community in your classroom

Oh my word!  We teachers are constantly preparing... for back to school, Christmas projects, 100th Day of School celebrations, Parent / Teacher Conferences, extension activities for gifted students, weekly lesson never ends.  So if you have procedural tips, light bulb moments, ideas, or anything that will help others prepare as well, we would love to hear them!

I think this category is my favorite because I love to share!  I think my colleagues might believe I am a little crazy because I get excited when other teachers visit my room to browse and borrow from my over-the-top abundant classroom library.  As they say, sharing is caring!

If your blog post does not fit in one of the above two categories, I bet it will fit in this one!  Here are some ideas:

  • classroom management tips
  • free products
  • news that other teachers might find helpful
  • photos of your classroom organization
  • tips on differentiated instruction

I bet you are now thinking of blog posts you already write that you could link up here, right!?  You might also be wondering... what types of posts do NOT belong in this linky party?

Please DO NOT link up posts if you are just looking to promote and sell your products or anything like that.  If you are looking to get something out of this (other than the satisfaction of knowing you are helping others), this is not the link-up for you.  I really want us to stick to the selfless theme of caring, sharing, and preparing.  Any posts that do not fall under those categories will be deleted.  Thank you for understanding.

Okay, so let's talk logistics.  When can you count on this linky party being up?  That is where I would love YOUR feedback!  As much as I love to plan ahead, I can also just "go with it" (sometimes, haha) and this would be one of those times.  I was nervous about attempting to host a linky party at first because, of course, there is always the chance that it could be a big 'ole fat fail.  But I try to have a growth mindset, so I am just going with it!

I am going to post the first linky party TOMORROW and try to get the word out there as much as I can on social media.  Then I am going to follow whatever direction is given to me.  Thanks for sharing any feedback you have to offer!

So grab any of the images above to include in your blog post, be sure to mention this linky party, and join me back here tomorrow!  I am SO looking forward to reading all your brilliant ideas!

As always, thanks for stopping by!  :)

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