Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Trendy Teacher Linky Party


I was hoping that Daylight Savings Time would help with the whole lighting situation in our bedroom.  Yeah, not so much.  Anyway, here's to another week of Trendy Teachers!

boots - Aldo
leggings - No Boundaries (Wal-Mart)
dress - American Eagle
cardigan - some no name brand (I bought that cardigan in a pinch when I was freezing my buns off at the Orange County Market a few years ago.)
necklace - some boutique in Spain

black pumps - Aldo
skirt - cutie patootie hand-me-down from my sweet friend
(You probably cannot tell, but that skirt has pockets!  Adorable!)
sweater - Old Navy
black tank top (under sweater) - New York and Company
scarf - American Eagle
ring - freebie with purchase at a local crafters marker

shoes - Old Navy
jeans - Banana Republic
turquoise sleeveless shirt - Banana Republic
blazer - another adorable hand-me-down piece from my generous friend
matching necklace and earrings - Hmmmm...Charming Charlies, maybe?

white pumps - Nine West
corduroy pants - Old Navy
tank top undershirt - Ralph Lauren
striped button-down shirt - American Eagle
sweater vest - Ralph Lauren

The earrings and necklace set are Lia Sophia...and a recent gift from my ma.
I love my sapphire studs.  Those were a gift from my hubby a few years ago.

Thanks for stopping by!  :)  I really encourage you to snap some pictures of your outfits in the morning before heading to work and then link up when you have time.  Whenever I am in need of some help when I am picking out my outfits every Sunday night, I refer to outfits that I have pinned online.  So share you outfit choices...I would love to see 'em!

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