Saturday, July 11, 2015

You All Got Me Thinking...

I may not have gone to the TPT Conference in Las Vegas, but I sort of felt like I was there as I followed so many of you on Instagram.  Thank you for all your positive and uplifting energy!

I have been thinking a lot lately about myself as a blogger and TPT'er...wondering, "Why have I not become the blogger and TPT seller that I wanted to become?"  So I started to think about what has happened in my life in the last 8 years:

undergrad school
student teaching
met my boyfriend / later-to-be-husband
job searching
moved in with my boyfriend
long-term subbing position
job searching (again)
first full-time position (Kindergarten)
wedding planning
grad school
on-the-job student teaching
changed teaching positions (ESL)
became a mommy
planning team for a brand new public charter school
changed teaching positions and schools (Kindergarten)
job searching (again)
changed grade levels, schools, and school districts

And that's where I am at now, but oh-so-HAPPY about it!

When I list it out like that, it makes me realize that I haven't exactly had all the free time in the world...and I guess that makes me feel a bit better.  I also realize that I will not become the blogger and TPT seller of my dreams this summer or this upcoming school year either - and that is okay!  This summer, I will be enjoying my time setting up my new classroom and preparing for my upcoming grade level change (Kindergarten to first grade).  In the fall, I will be starting my dream job in the school district in which I live (yay!), so I will be busy getting used to all the changes.

My goal is next summer.  Next summer I should have time to focus on blogging, creating, and selling.  My husband and I recently had a conversation about turning our (unused) loft into a play space for our son and turning this quaint area in our condo into my very own teacher office space.  My sweet hubby said I can decorate it any way I want.  I'm so pumped for that!

So I guess the key word is "yet."  I haven't become the blogger and TPT seller that I set out to be...yet.  :)

I recently saw a quote on someone's Instagram that totally made sense for me at this point in my life.  It said something like, "You can only be happy when you stop comparing yourself to others."  So many of YOU are such fabulous bloggers, TPT sellers, Instagramers, etc.  I don't know how you do it and I applaud you!  But I am going to try my best to stop comparing and feel content that I will get where I want to be when the time is right for me and my family.  :)

For now, I will blog when I am able...though (side note) that may be difficult, since I keep getting this message on my home computer (I am on my husband's computer at the moment):

What's the deal?  Anybody know?  I used to blog on my previous work computer, which I loved, but had to turn it back into my previous school district in June.  *tear*  So this is a new problem.  Any help would be appreciated!

Well, if you actually took the time to read all this, thanks!  #hugstoyou

I plan to soon write a blog post about the awesome Whole Brain Teaching conference that I went to yesterday, so please stay tuned!


  1. Wish I could help you with the message you are receiving on your computer. TECHNOLOGY can be NOT FUN at times. Where do you teach in Wisconsin? Our blog is Kindergarten Rocks Blog. LuAnn teachers near Green Bay and I teach near Eau Claire. Are you going to the Wisconsin Blogger Back to School Meet up? Hope to meet you! Amber

    1. Hi there! I taught in Racine for 6 years, but will be starting in South Milwaukee in the fall. It is such an exciting transition for me! I love your spunky blog; I've followed it on Bloglovin' for awhile now. I always remember it because I am also an Amber in Wisconsin. :) I also used to teach Kindergarten. I did not know about the meet-up, but thanks for the heads up and I am definitely e-mailing you now about it!

  2. I recently got a new laptop and keep getting this message too! I'd love to hear if anyone has any suggestions.

    1. What a bummer! If I learn anything new soon, I will let you know.

    2. Hi again! I found a solution to the error message that I kept getting on Blogger. I was using Internet Explorer, so I downloaded Chrome and now Blogger is working!! What browser are you currently using? You might want to try a new one if you are still getting that error message.


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