Saturday, March 7, 2015

I'm Not Afraid of My Words! (and a FREEBIE)

Happy Saturday!

Do you use a Writers Workshop model in your classroom?  We do and I absolutely love it!  I especially value (and try my very best to replicate) the work of Matt Glover...

...Lisa Cleaveland...

...and Katie Wood Ray.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you a tool that we use during our Sharing and Reflection time (the third part and tail end of Writers Workshop).  We refer to it as our "I'm Not Afraid of My Words!" poster.

During Individual Work Time (the second part of Writers Workshop), most of my time is spent working with small groups and/or individual students.  However, I often like to walk around the room and look for someone who really took a chance, sounded out, and wrote a challenging word.  I ask the student to share his/her work during Sharing and Reflection time - and I have never had a student say "no."  Most of them love the extra attention!

The student in the spotlights gets to sit in the Share Chair and show his/her work.  I then lead the class in a very brief discussion about the challenging word that he/she wrote.  We add his/her name, the kid spelling, and the conventional (grown-up) spelling to the poster.   Finally, we celebrate the student's braveness with a silly-bration.  (If you are unfamiliar with silly-brations, check out Teacher Tipster's ideas below.  The kids love them!)

So - what does your Sharing and Reflection time look like?  What tools do you use?  I would LOVE to hear your ideas!

Oh!  I almost forgot!  I updated the "Stretchy the Word Snake - Short E" cards in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  I added dots and arrows for our tactile learners to touch when they say the sounds and then blend those sounds to read the word.

If you are a new friend to "Stretchy," you can click here to learn about him.

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