Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Made It and Lots of Nerves!

It is time for...

Thank you, Tara, for always hosting this oh-so-awesome linky party!

Okay, so I admit - there was not a whole lot of "making" involved with this little project, but I am happy that I got something accomplished today.

This is a lamp that my sweet friend gave me a couple of years ago when I thought I was moving to a homeroom.  In the end, I went into ESL and did not have a use for it. that I am going back into Kindergarten, I have a reason to use it again!  So I spruced it up with some ribbon.

The lamp pictured above will go on my computer desk and the one that I was using on my computer desk (which is more of a spotlight) will be used like this:

(Disclaimer:  This is not my photo.  It came from McCumbee Talent Development.)

Great idea, right!?  Good thinking, Mrs. McCumbee!

Okay, another confession:  Ever since July came around, my nerves have kicked in BIG TIME!  Not only am I prepping to go back into a homeroom, but I am also on a team that is opening a  So fun - yet so stressful!

Speaking of stressful - My Donors Choose project seemed to have come to a halt.  :(  I am trying to obtain materials and supplies for launching a Writers Workshop model in my classroom:  large carpet for meeting during mini lessons, lap boards for students to work on, clipboards, writing utensils, get the picture.  It is my first HUGE project and it started off well, but now I still have $460 left to go and the deadline is September 5th.  

Sooooo - If you have any tips on how to get things rockin' and rollin' again, please share your ideas!  

I feel kind of lame with only one "made it" project this week, BUT...I assure you there will be a lot more to come!!  I have been going through my Pinterest boards with a fine tooth comb and making a project to-do list for all those things I said I would make one day.  So I will be busy, busy, busy!

Thanks for stopping by!  :)


  1. Cute Ideas!
    I'm no help when it comes to Donor's Choose, mine has also come to a halt! I know how you feel!

    Kayla in the Classroom

    1. Kayla - If only we could win the lottery. :) P.S. - You have a cute blog. I am your newest follower!


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