Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Monday Made-It (Late, Of Course)

Good morning to you!  Is it wrong of me to look forward to my son's nap time, so I can blog?  Someone please amuse me and tell me I am not the only one!

Really quick before I get into my Monday Made Its - Check out my NEW and improved and totally awesome social icon buttons!!  I am super excited about them.  The one-and-only and totally amazing Erin at Creating and Designing updated them for me.  If any of you out there are interested in giving your blog a facelift, I would recommend Erin in a heartbeat!  She is great to work with (I e-mailed her about adding new social icon buttons and not only did she get to it in like a day or two, she took it upon herself to make them even cuter than before)!  Thanks, Erin!  I so appreciate it!

So that leads me to my next point...Bloglovin'...yes!  I am lovin' me some Bloglovin'.  I was at first hesitant to try something new, but I am so glad I did.  Bloglovin' makes it so much easier to follow and quickly read the blogs that you love the most.  So if you love my little blog, pretty please follow me!!  (My Bloglovin' button is to the right.)  Thanks!

Ah - one more thing... I (finally) created an account on Instagram.  I would love if you followed me on there!  (Just click on the Instagram button to the right.)  I only have one picture on there now, but there will be more.  I intend on using Instagram as a quick way to show what I am doing in my classroom, particularly when I do not have the time to write a long post about it.

Now on to the show!
So yeah - I am late on my Monday Made It... no shocker there.  I was just going to wait until next Monday, but then I read that Tara is not hosting her weekly linky party again until next summer (she will continue to host once a month though).  I am too impatient to wait until next month, so here we go!
I found this ADORABLE teacher gift on Pinterest last year and I knew I wanted to make it for a teacher friend one day.  Then come along these two new, sweet teachers at my school and I knew exactly how to welcome them!

Here are the items I included:
glue stick
Post-It notes
fun paper clips
Starburst candy
binder clips
small roll of tape
By the way, the FREE cutesie wootsie printable comes from Jena over at First Grade with Miss Snowden, so be sure to hop over there to snag your own copy.  Thank you for sharing, Jena!
This was a very small, simple project.  Originally I was thinking I was going to paint or iron my name on to my pink tote somehow, but... I am not all that creative and I did not trust my lack of artistic ability, so I went with a key chain instead, LOL.  I just created something on the computer, printed and cut it out, then wrapped it up with some clear tape.  Maybe one day I will grow the courage to put my name directly ON the day...maybe.
That is it for projects, for now!  I have the supplies for a "Homework Club" sign waiting for me in my loft, but I just have not gotten around to making it yet.  Soon...I hope.  In the meantime, be sure to hop over to Tara's linky party to check out other amazing projects that other awesome teachers have been working on!
Random Not-Teaching-Related Thought:
Three years ago today, I married the man of my dreams.  He is everything I ever hoped for in a husband...truly.  I love him SO much and I am very proud to call him my hubby, so I just had to throw that out there!
(This picture was taken on our wedding day.)
(And here Mr. Unger is again, being sillly!)
Thank you for stopping by!  :)


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