Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Classroom Photos and a Blog Makeover!

I am oh-so-excited right now... my blog makeover is complete!  Thank you to Erin at Creating and Designing for all her hard work.  I just love my new blog!
Other good news:  Everything is going very well with my new ESL position.  I do miss being a homeroom teacher, BUT this position has many perks - small groups, the ability to more easily differentiate instruction, flexibility to teach to the students' needs (vs. focusing my attention primarily on standards), etc.  And best yet... I have a lot more time to spend with my little family!
(Side note:  My family had "Five Generation" photos taken last month.  Pretty cool, huh!?)
Okay, back on track!  I would like to share some photos of my classroom.  Things are starting to come along...
While pumping at work is a pain... at least I get to have a fridge in my classroom!  :)
This area is a bit messy right now, but this is where I store things I will be using for instruction throughout the week.
This is my desk area.  I cannot wait to cover that ugly metal file cabinet!
I love teaching tools that can hang on the wall all year through!
I started putting this up today.  It will eventually be our ESL Word Wall.  Originally, I thought I would not need a word wall (since I am working with students 4K through 5th), but after a couple of weeks working with kids, I realized I sure do!
I wish I could have gotten a better picture of our "Happy Birthday" wall, but there was a shelf in my way.  Anyway, I think it turned out cute!  My students are holding signs that say their birthdays.
I just had to cover that ugly green chalkboard!
I covered up this book shelf because I cannot stand the unorganization!  LOL  I will get to it....eventually....
This is a simple door sign I threw together.
I covered up my corkboard with glittery scrapbook paper.  How pretty!
Well, that is it for now!  I have to attend a workshop tomorrow.  I hate having to cancel ESL services for my kiddos, BUT - I do enjoy not having to lesson plan tonight!  :)
As always, thank you for stopping by!