Saturday, February 11, 2012

100th Day of School Celebration and a FREEBIE!

Our "100th Day of School" celebration was on Thursday... oh what fun!  The parent-involvement activities in the morning went so smoothly and the kids had a blast.  The afternoon, especially post-cookies and juice, was a little crazy but overall the kids had an enjoyable day.  :)  I heard the words "Thank You" probably a hundred times, so that warmed my heart.

By the way...I know most of you have already celebrated your "100th Day of School" this year, so if you like an idea you see, be sure to save it for next year!  I like to store my ideas in Pinterest, as I am totally a visual learner.

Here are some photos of the day:

This is Station #1, set up and ready to go!  If you would like to read my earlier post about how we run stations in our room on the "100th Day of School," click HERE.

Our classroom educational assistant remained at Station #1, while I mostly stayed in Station #2 the majority of the time.  The kids need help with the crowns the most, while the other activities can be done independently or with parent volunteers.

Update: I have created a 100th Day of School Stations pack that includes a much cuter version of my station signs than what you see below.  Check out what is all available in the pack by hopping over to my TPT store!

Here are some close-up photos of my kids counting and working hard!

You can hardly seem them, but in the jar with the black lid are some little pre-assembled bows.  A coworker of my husband graciously shared many of her crafting items with me and my students.  The bows were PERFECT on the crowns, as they are light-weight and easy to glue.  They made such a nice addition to our crowns this year!

Station #3 - Students used paint dabbers / Bingo markers to find and identify the numbers 1 to 100 in chronological order and then make a "gumball" in the jar by stamping the number.

I created my own "100 Gumballs" printable, which is now available in my pack.

Station #4 - Students count objects (borrowed from me or brought from home) on a hundreds chart.

Station #5 - Students work together to put together a 100 piece puzzle.  When it was time to get started, I laid that white tarp-looking thing out on the table so the puzzle did not fall through the cracks between the student desks.  My kids finished the Toy Story puzzle!  I had to break out another one.  Thanks to the Dollar Tree, I was ready.  :)

Station #6 - Students stack 100 objects to make a tower.  This year, I set out pennies and poker chips.  I think next year, I am going to put out more of a variety.

Station #7 - This station is actually an "if you finish early" station.  Our timing was spectacular this year, which is wonderful... but because of our great timing, no students had extra time to go to this station.  The kids were disappointed and I felt bad.  I am thinking next year, this station will replace one of the other stations or maybe we will do this activity whole group in the afternoon.

Anyway, the kids make a necklace out of 100 loop cereal.

How cute!  These are what the crowns look like when they are complete and put together.

The day before the "100th Day of School" celebration, I had to attend an all-day meeting.  I really hate to be out of my classroom, but it was not so bad because one of my friends / newly-retired teachers subbed in my classroom.  I always feel better knowing she is there!  Anyway, with her, the kids created 100 year-old portraits.  This was a Pinterest-inspired activity, originally from Finally in First. 

The kiddos were supposed to crinkle up the paper before gluing it down to create "wrinkles," but they must have forgotten about that part in all the excitement!

I have a really hard time just letting my kids create art projects, so I, of course, added a writing piece:  "When I am 100 years old, I will..."  If you would like this FREEBIE, click HERE to visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

So I tried something new this year:  I dressed up like a 100 year-old woman!

Next year, I will need to add a lot more baby powder to my hair or wear a white wig, because many people / teachers just thought it was mismatched clothes day or something, haha!  I also need to find a cane.

P.S.  I am 6 months pregnant, though it is difficult to see in this picture, so the teachers were having a ball laughing at the 100 year-old pregnant woman!  :)

My kiddos loved this activity that we did in the afternoon!  I hid 100 Hershey Kiss candies around the classroom when they were at lunch.  When they returned, I turned on some music as they hunted for 100 Hershey Kisses.  I stayed near the poster because they had to identify the number each time they laid down a candy.

This was a Pinterest-inspired idea, originally from Kindergarten Hoppenings.

I found these awesome napkins and matching plates at a local discount store last year.  I was so disappointed when I went back this year and they were not there!  Luckily, I had a few left over to use this year.

Okay, if you read through this whole post, you definitely deserve another FREEBIE.  Click HERE to visit my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and pick up your own copy of a short and sweet "100" poem.

That's all folks!  Thanks for stopping by!  :)

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