Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Fun - You should try these ideas!

Oh... my... goodness!  We have had so much fun in class this week!  Here is what we have been up to:

How cute are these!?  I thought of this activity based on two Pinterest inspired ideas:


Mrs. Lee's snowman project

So here is what my kiddos did:

1 - First, the kids counted how many letters are in their first names and cut out that number of white circles (I gave them cardstock tracers / stencils and the kids did their own tracing and cutting).  They wrote one letter of their names on each circle.  Then, the kids glued the circles on top of each other (on a blue strip of construction paper) in order to spell out their names.

2 - Next, the kids glued on a top hat (my assistant cut these out of black construction paper ahead of time) and colored stick arms and a face.

3 - Then, my kids measured the height of their snowmen using snap cubes.  The students wrote the answer on the label in order to complete the sentence frame:  "My snowman is ___ cubes tall!"  They glue these labels at the top of the blue strip of paper.

4 - Finally, my students worked together to compare the heights of their snowmen and put themselves in order from shortest to tallest.

Here is a close-up of a completed project:

This was an awesome and fun way to introduce the concept of Addition!

The project above was also a Pinterest inspired idea:

Pinned Image

These adorable hot chocolate mugs originally came from Mrs. Wood.

A few weeks ago, I remember reading a post in which the children compared their own heights to the height of a giant gingerbread man.  Unfortunately, I cannot remember whose blog that was.  Anyway...I put a winter twist on that idea - My students compared their heights to that of a giant snowman!

I cannot take any credit for this cutey.  Our wonderful educational assistant is the creative mind in our classroom.  She whipped up this fun snowman in less time than my students were in gym class!

After the students compared their own heights to the snowman, they graphed the results using Post-It notes:

We opened up the lesson with yet another Pinterest-inspired idea:

This idea originally came from Under the Big Top.  I put a winter twist on it by having the kids predict the height of and measure a snowman instead:



I so love teaching Kindergarten!  Thank you to all of you wonderful teacher bloggers out there who share your ideas!!  You make my job even more fun.

Thanks for stopping by.  :)


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  2. What a great week!!! such fun activities!


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