Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stretchy the Word Snake - Part 2 (FREEBIE!)

Back in August, I posted about "Stretchy the Word Snake," where I saw the idea, etc.  To read the original post, click HERE.  I created short A and short I vowel cards for the activity (available in my TPT store).  I mentioned in the post that I would (eventually) make short O cards, too.  Well...5 months later, I finally did it!

Visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store to grab this FREEBIE for yourself!  Just click HERE!  (There are 5 pages of cards in total.)

Next up... short E and short U vowel cards.  Hopefully it will not take me 5 months this time!

Thanks for stopping by.  :)


  1. I love Stretchy the Word snake!! How fun! Thank you!

  2. We just tried out your Stretchy cards as word work in Guided Reading this week. The kids had a ball with them. I'm thinking of giving them a little plastic snake to point with as they are stretching. Thank you for being so generous. I also left a comment in your TPT store.

  3. The stretchy snake sounds like a fun touch! Thanks for the kind comments. :)

  4. We are working on short o this week. This will be great.

    Hope you are up for a game of TAG. Stop by my blog to read more.



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