Saturday, September 17, 2011

Word Wall Quick Tips

Here are a few tips to (possibly...if you are not doing these things already) spice up your Word Wall!

1 - Fabric:  A colleague of mine gave me this suggestion during my first or second year.  By my third year, I realized I should have listened to her.  Instead of using butcher paper as your Word Wall backdrop, use fabric!  First of all, it is way more fun than paper.  Second, you will not have to replace it year after year because it lasts longer than the paper.  (Whenever I taped something up on my old Word Wall and then took it down later, it left a mark or a hole.  Not the case with fabric!)

2 - Sign Language:  For your tactile learners, I suggest including the sign language alphabet as well.  Whenever my kiddos learn a new letter, they also learn that letter in sign language.

3 - Highlight the Vowels:  I know a lot of teachers already do this, but I never heard about it until my second year of teaching, so I just want to throw this out there.  Highlight the vowels with red in some way that works for you.

4 - Walking Word Walls:  The mini sign language Word Wall was a gift from Dr. Rick DuVall - an inspiring teacher and motivational consultant from Florida.  The idea itself came from Peggy Campbell-Rush or Cindy Middendorf. . . or maybe both??  Anyway, for those students who have a hard time transfering a word from the wall to paper, you can create "Walking Word Walls," which are simply mini versions of the real World Wall.  I hang mine on clothes hangers that have clips.

(Oh - the cords make for a lovely background.  Perhaps I should move these??)

What tips to YOU have to share??  I would love to hear about what makes your Word Wall great!  :)  Thanks for stopping by.

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