Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Table Group Names

Here is a quick tip that can make transitions less chaotic.  This is certainly not an original idea, but it is worth sharing, in case you do not already use this transition strategy.

My students and I work together to assign each group of tables a name.  I hang signs above the student tables, so the students I remember what their table names are because they change every 3 weeks or so.  Whenever we move on to a new theme, the signs change:  "On the Farm," we use farm animal names, "Family," we use adjectives to describe different types of families, "On the Go," we use modes of transportation, etc.

These photos show the signs we use for our "All About Me" theme.  I simply chose exciting adjectives that describe my students.  :)

I recommend using fun table names because it helps when you are calling tables to line up, clean up, whatever the case may be.  Oh yeah, one more sure to make your signs double-sided.  I learned this the hard way.  At first, they were only single-sided, but then I couldn't read them when they twisted and turned!

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  1. I love your idea of changing table names to match the themes. Would you be willing to share your file and/or more of your table names?

    1. Hi there Vicki! Thanks for stopping by my blog. This post is pretty darn old and I have since updated my table name mini posters. I would share the file with you, except I am certain I deleted long ago. However, I have new ones. They do not go along with themes (my current school does not use themes), but I like them. They worked well this year. I am not sure where the file is (probably on a flash drive at home), but if I am able to find them, I will let you know!

    2. Hi again Vicki! Now I feel really silly! Apparently, I already did post my table name signs on TPT and I already blogged about it. I'm so forgetful! Anyway, here is the link where you can snag them for free:


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