Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LINKY PARTY: Science Freebies!

I am oh-so-excited for Day #3 of Science Week:  FREEBIES!

Science Week

My students will be learning the letter "Pp" next week, so I decided we will do a "P is for Paper Fun!" experiment.  Students look at different types of paper and then make a prediction about whether or not the paper will absorb water.  They color in a smiley face or frown face, depending on their prediction.  Then, the students test their hypothesis by dropping water on the paper using an eye dropper.  The students observe whether or not the water absorbs.  Finally, the young scientists record the conclusions on their data sheets.

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Be sure to stop by the Linky Party at TBA - Teaching Blog Addict - to join the fun!  Be sure to post and share your own awesome Science freebies!

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