Friday, September 30, 2011

LINKY PARTY and a Freebie: Science Experiments!

Soooooo...I started posting my Science experiment freebie on TPT last night and before I knew it, I passed out on the couch.  Can we say exhausted!?  Anyway, this post needs to be quick now!

Here is a Science experiment that you can do with your young learners.  I adapted it from McGraw-Hill's Science "A to Z Activity" book for Kindergarten.

"F" is for Fingerprint Fun!

1 - Lead a discussion about how everyone is unique and special and how no one is exactly the same.  You could also talk about how everyone is the same, in some ways.

2 - Explain that fingerprints are like our own personal stamps because no two people have the same fingerprint.  Have the kids check out their own fingerprints.

3 - Talk about how there are 3 types of fingerprints though they are all different:  arch, loop, whorl.  I suggest making some visuals or pulling some examples up on the SmartBoard from the internet.

4 - Now it is time for the activity!  Students use ink pads or they can just use a marker to color on the top part of one finger.  They press their finger in the oval on the recording sheet (see below to visit my TPT store).

5 - The students examine their fingerprint using a magnifying glass and then they determine which type of fingerprint they have and then circle that choice.

6 - Finally, students can create little pictures using their own fingerprint.  How fun!

Click HERE to get your own FREE copy of the recording sheet!  By the way, I do not have many items in my TPT stores, but all those that I do have are FREE!

Be sure to head over to Learning with Mrs. Parker in order to share your own fun Science experiment and see what other great teachers have to offer you!

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