Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stretchy the Word Snake!

When I saw Kelly's "Stretchy the Word Snake" photos on her blog From Kindergarten with Love, I just knew I had to have this activity in my own classroom!  Click HERE to see her photos and read about the idea.  She was so kind to share her cards (visit her blog for the FREEBIE), but I could not find the labels.  No worries though, I have created my own that I am sharing with you!  Visit my "Teachers Pay Teachers" store to get the documents for FREE!

The Stretchy the Snake labels can be printed on Avery 5163 labels.  I recommend printing them on a color printer, if you have one available to you.  You then stick the labels on a plastic pencil holder, such as the ones below.  I purchased mine at a local store called Merchandise Outlet for 89 cents but I have read about other teachers finding them at Target for only 69 cents!
 Then you cut out the cards.  So far I have made cards for the Short A sound, but I hope to make more soon.  Click HERE to go to my TPT Store to get the Short A cards that I made for FREE!

You can also find the Short I cards HERE!

Mrs. Williamson extends the Stretchy the Word Snake idea in her classroom.  Visit her blog called Welcome to Room 36 for more fun ideas!  I think Deanna Jump might be the original genius behind the Stretchy the Word snake, but I am not sure.  Visit her AWESOME blog, Mrs. Jump's Class to learn about how she incorporates the snake in her classroom.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you are able to use this activity in your own classroom.  :)

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  1. Love them! They boxes are 1 cent this week at Office Depot. I look forward to seeing the rest.
    Thank you very much for the labels and cards.


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