Friday, August 19, 2011

A simple idea that helps minimize chaos in the Kinder classroom!

No doubt I am not the only teacher across America to use this idea, BUT I think it's worth sharing.  During my second year of teaching, I walked into my colleague's classroom and she was picking up these little red buckets.  I asked her what those were for and she explained that they were mini garbage cans.  How brilliant!  So I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up these little guys - 6 of them, one for each group of tables.

Now I don't want to paint a picture that makes me look like I am the type of teacher who makes her kids sit in their desks all day, every day.  That is certainly NOT the case.  However, some of my little ones just don't understand the concept of cutting out ALL the pieces and then walking to the garbage can when they are done.  Instead, they cut a piece, go throw it away, cut a piece go throw it get the picture.  These garbage cans help that problem!  The kids can keep their desks free and clear of paper scraps as they cut and Mrs. Unger can keep her sanity.  :)


  1. I always go back and forth with this idea! I love the idea of having a mini garbage can at the table, but then I think about all my squirrely kids who need that movement to the trashcan every few minutes. Any ideas??

    Miss Kindergarten

  2. Very good point! I try really hard to incorporate movement throughout the day during songs, activities and games, brain breaks, etc. I love that kind of "organized" and meaningful movement! I just feel like cutting out paper and throwing it away isn't the time to be moving around in all directions because that seems to be the time when my kids bother other kids. If you're kids are like mine, they'll think the mini garbage cans are the neatest thing on Earth! :)

    Thanks for commenting by the way! It feels good to know someone out there is reading what I write, LOL.

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