Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mrs. that REAL?!?

This past winter, my dear husband dragged himself to the Scholastic Warehouse Book Fair in Milwaukee with me - have I ever mentioned how sweet my husband is?  ;)  Anyway, it was my/our first time there and it was AWESOME!  (Well, I thought it was a great time...not so sure about my hubby.)  Books, books, and more books at pretty inexpensive prices.  Believe it or not though, my favorite purchase that day was not a book.  It was a cash register that I bought for $5.00!!  The Scholastic people had just updated their system, so they were selling all of their old cash registers...and believe me, there were plenty to choose from.  I knew I had to have one, especially for that price!

Pretty neat, huh?!  Originally I thought I would only break this bad boy out after my students learned about money, but then I thought, that's silly!  So I stuck it in our housekeeping area.  The kiddos LOVE it!  They always ask, "Mrs. that REAL!?"  Haha, yes, it is.  And then the next question usually is:  "Do WE get to use it?"  You betcha!

Who knows if Scholastic is still selling these guys, but I have to imagine you might be able to find one with some creative searching...perhaps Goodwill?  Good luck on your hunt!  :)

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