Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More on Math Tubs and Stations...FREEBIES included!

So I recently read that we bloggers should only post once a day, as it is supposedly proper blogging etiquette.  Is this true?  Oh well...this one is worth sharing, even if I post twice in one night. 

I am oh-so grateful for Mrs. Parker at Learning with Mrs. Parker right now!  I was searching the world wide web for hours (no joke) for some labels to stick on my Math Tubs, Math Cards for my management chart, etc.  (Yes - I could have made them on my own, but everyone else seems to do a better, cuter job than me.)  Anyway, Mrs. Parker had exactly what I was looking for and she is sharing them for FREE!  Thank you, Mrs. Parker!!  I am now regaining my sanity, thanks to you.  :)

By the way, the post in which the labels are embedded is totally worth reading!!  (That reminds me...I still have not purchased Debbie Diller's new Math Stations book.  Ugh...never enough time in the day.)

P.S. - I just taught myself how to make a name logo.  I am pretty excited right now!

Learning with Mrs Parker

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