Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Math Tubs

I am pretty sure this awesome teacher was reading my mind!  Check out the Math Tubs post at The First Grade Parade.  Totally awesome!  Take the time to read this'll be glad you did.  :)

I had been contemplating how I wanted to do my Math Centers this year.  During my first year of teaching, Math Centers were almost non-existent...sad but true.  During my second year, I tried a system in which there were different stations that all correlated with the current topic.  I quickly found this was overwhelming!  I was constantly creating (and teaching) new activities.  It was extremely difficult to manage this type of system.

As they say, third time is a charm!  I am determined to "do it right" this year!  I will be using a Math Tubs approach to my Math Centers this year, much like she described in her blog (see above).

If you have any tips for using Math Tubs in your classroom, I am all ears!  :)

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