Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Need to Stop Climbing The Dollar Tree!

I will admit...I am a Dollar Tree junky!  All the colorful products and great deals...do you blame me!?  I absolutely love hearing an idea or reading about an idea and then stopping in the Dollar Tree the very next day and finding exactly what I need to make that idea come alive.  I stopped in there today for ONE thing - really - Dixie cups.  Believe it or not, the Dollar Tree did not have them.  However, I did find a few other items of interest.  :)

I love the colors of these bins!  I do not have a particular idea in regards to how I will use them in the classroom, but a teacher can never have enough bins, box, crates, etc.  So I picked them up!

The Dollar Tree carried some similar Bath Puppets last year (which I picked up, of course), but these guys are WAY cuter, more colorful, and more fun!  A teacher can do any number of things with these Bath Puppets, but I especially like to use them when I am teaching my kiddos about syllables in a word as well as words in a sentence.  Ask the students to clap the syllables in a word and you'll have 75% of them participating...if you're lucky.  Now offer them a Bath Puppet and you'll surely have 100% of your kiddos clapping those syllables!  BONUS...the puppets help to minimize any loud clapping, which is beneficial if other students are working on different activities.

Last year I picked up a Clifford Color and Sing CD - yes, for only $1.00.  Awesomeness!  Well, anyway, I found 3 more NEW CDs:  "Friendly Songs," "Silly Songs," and "Happy Songs."  There are 20 songs on each CD and apparently you can download coloring sheets, too, which I have not tried.

I ended up finding my Dixie cups next door at Pick 'n Save.  I will be using them to make Power Towers.  If you don't already know what Power Towers are, you just have to visit Teacher Tipster and he will explain.  Mrs. Gilchrist also created some AWESOME labels for the Power Tower cans and she was kind enough to share them with us for FREE!

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