Sunday, August 7, 2011

Class Pets!

In an effort to make my classroom more inviting and "come alive," I made some additions last year...and the kids LOVE them!

In case the photos are not very clear, inside of that little ecosystem are two frogs.  I think they are just the PERFECT class pets because:

1 - They are entertaining for the kids.  They jump and swim and are very active!
2 - I only need to clean their ecosystem 3 to 4 times a year, since it should not be disturbed more than that.
3 - We only feed them 4 pellets of food twice a week.  We do this on Mondays and Fridays.  I have two kids who are assigned the "Frog Feeder" job that week and they just LOVE feeding the frogs!
4 - The start up cost was about $30.  So inexpensive, I think.
5 - I bought a year's worth of food for only $3.50.
6 - The frogs are supposed to live 3 to 5 years, if I remember correctly.
7 - The ecosystem is covered so the kiddos cannot reach in and try to touch them.

I bought these frogs at a teacher store near my condo called The Learning Shop, but I bet you can find these little guys at a pet store.  You could also do beta fish, but my college experiences showed me that those little buggers do not last long.  :(

Another nice addition to your classroom (if you do not already have one) is a plant or two.  I have had a spider plant in my classroom for at least two years.  If I can keep that alive, you can, too!  (I have no green thumb whatsoever.)  The lady at the garden store also recommended a cactus for my classroom and that has been going strong as well.  I tried some pretty plant with flowers on it (I think they are called Impatience) and that died quickly.  From time to time, especially for the beginning of the year, Open House, and Parent/Teacher Conferences, I will buy a big beautiful bouquet of flowers.  The kiddos also love the "Gardener" job.

How do you make your classroom come alive?

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