Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Art Integration, Name Writing, Measurement, Colors and Patterns...All in One!

My summer was pretty awesome overall and one of the (many) reasons I enjoyed it so much was because of this Fine Arts Methods class I took during my grad program.  The instructor was AWESOME and she gave us so many great ideas in regards to incorporating the arts into our general education classrooms.  Anyway, I credit her for the idea I am about to share with you.  :)

The supplies you will need include:
- watercolor paints
- paint brush
- dark crayons (black is probably best)
- white construction paper (the longer type)
- cup of water
- pencil
- ruler (if working with older children)

1 - If you are working with students who know how to measure...they should measure 3 inch by 3 inch squares using a ruler and pencil.  If you are working with younger children, you will have to do this part for them ahead of time.

2 - Using a pencil, the students write the letters of their name (one letter in each box).  They should try to use the entire space within the box.

3 - The students trace over all pencil marks with a dark crayon, such as black.

4 - The students then use the watercolor paints to fill in ALL white spaces.  They need to think this through ahead of time, so they make a pattern.  Notice in the photo, all my "M"s are the same, all my "R"s are the same, etc.

Ta-da!  That's it!  By the way, this art technique is called "Crayon Resist," in case you were wondering.

I taught Arts and Crafts (grades Kindergarten through 5th grade) this summer and we did this project only with the intermediate students.  They LOVED it!  I think Kindergarten students could do this with help (and if you measure the boxes for them ahead of time).  I think I will give it a shot.  Let me know if you try it and how it goes!  Have fun!!

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