Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zero the Hero!

Our first "Zero the Hero" day was a success!  My students and I celebrated with Zero the Hero every tenth day last year, but I made some changes and additions this year that made the celebration extra special.  Here is what we did.

It is a good thing I was into drama as a kid because I was able to use those skills when I oh-so-enthusiastically introduced Zero the Hero.  I was going to purchase a Zero the Hero puppet online, but then decided I could make my own.  He turned out even better than I had imagined!  I simply took a puppet from my classroom (zero cost) and used puffy paint to draw the numeral "0."  Then, I found a cloth bag in my classroom, ripped the stitching, and VOILA!  Zero the Hero had a cape!  I used puffy paint again to write "Zero the Hero" on his cape.  (Sorry about the staplers in the picture.  The cape kept curling on me and I wanted it to lay flat when drying.)

Anyway, after I introduced "Zero the Hero," I asked some volunteers to take turns flying him around the classroom, while we listened to and sang the song "Zero the Hero Rumba."  This is from Shair Sloane's awesome CD "Get Ready!"

We then enjoyed a snack from "Zero the Hero," which were gummy candies in the shape of "0"s.  Some other ideas include Fruit Loops, Cheerios, onion ring chips, etc.

Finally, the kids went back to their desks and I handed out their calendar binders.  Their binders include a "Zero the Hero" page, in which they color the "Zero the Hero" clipart and the number.  I cannot seem to locate this document on my flashdrive (or the site that I got the document from), but if I find it, I will be sure to share it with you!


  1. What a cute Zero the Hero puppet! We only use a paper doll version. May have to change that now! On the 100th day of school, the P.E. teacher dresses up as Zero the Hero and visits!
    Pam@Kindergarten Night Owls

  2. Thanks! :) Goodness...that is such a cute idea to ask the gym teacher to dress as "Zero the Hero." I bet our gym teacher would be willing to participate. Hmmm...perhaps I should put a bug in his ear now, hehe.


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