Saturday, July 30, 2011

Math Mailbox

I wish I could give credit to the person who gave me this idea, but I honestly cannot remember!  I have read so many professional development books, attended so many teachers' conventions, used so many ideas from teachers' blogs, and subcribed to so many education websites that I can never remember which ideas come from where!  Nevertheless, this one is worth sharing.

Every day, our Math lesson starts off with a Problem of the Day, which is always a quick review of some sort.  Fridays are extra special though, since we check our Math Mailbox for a letter that day!  Every week, a letter "magically" arrives to our classroom from various senders.  Sometimes the senders are real:  the principal, my husband, the students' future first grade teachers, etc.  Sometimes the letters are really written by me, but the kids especially love letters from:  Santa Clause, my cats, The President, etc.

Every letter contains a Math related question that provides a review of a topic the kids have already learned.  For example, we focused on shapes the first two weeks of school (I work at a year-round school that starts in July).  My cats, Sushi and Roscoe, "took pictures" of some of their cat belongings and "wrote a letter" to my kiddos.  I read the letter in class and showed them the pictures.  The question was, "Can you tell us the shapes of our things?"  The kids looked at the photos and identifed the shapes of the cats' food bowls, toys, kitty bed...even their litter box!  The students laughed at that one!  :)

I bought the mailbox (see below) at Menards for under $10.00 and the letter sticks can from The Dollar Tree.  I wish I would have taken the time to be more creative when I decorated this mailbox, but I bet you will do a better job decorating than me!  (If you post pictures, let me know.  I would love to see your own Math Mailbox!)

Anyway, I hope you use this fun idea for Math review.  I bet your kids will love it!  The looks on their faces when they check the mailbox will be priceless!  Have fun!

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