Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hot Reads!

If your students are anything like mine (which I am sure they are), they will often ask you, "Teacher, can I read that book that you read to us during story time?"  What I used to do is go fetch it from behind my desk (which takes time) and tell them, "This is one of Mrs. Unger's special books, so be VERY careful!"  I am a little over-protective when it comes to the kids reading books that I have purchased with my own money.  Well...I have gotten a lot better about sharing, haha!  I even have a special spot in my room where I display books that I have read during story time.  I use a sign that says "Mrs. Unger's Hot Read!" to help "advertise" the book.  You can find it at my TPT Store and download it for free.  Hopefully you can edit it and change the name...still not sure how TPT works.  I am afraid the fonts and formats aren't downloading the same as they look on my computer.  You'll have to let me know what it looks like on your end!

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