Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gumball Machine Word Work Center

If you do not already know about Shari Sloane, be sure to hop over to her website NOW!  Her ideas are just awesome and the best part is...she shares!  :)  Under her "Literacy Centers" tab, Shari describes her Gumball Machine Word Work Center.  Click HERE for the PDF that she shares.

Mrs. I at Mrs. I's Class also uses this idea in her class.  She revised the document so that it suites her class better.  Click on the link to see what she shares.

I use this Literacy Center in my own classroom and it is defnitely a favorite.  My kiddos love turning the knob and fetching the "gumballs" (marbles).  They are supposed to read the word, say a sentence (to their partner) using the word, and then write the word.  Sometimes they need to be reminded of the oral language part of the task.

I was lucky enough to already have a gumball machine laying around.  (My parents bought it for me for Christmas when I was a kid and it was sitting in their basement.)  But you can buy these at Target, Wal-Mart, or online.  I use those flatter marbles that you can buy at Hobby Lobby or another craft store.

Other Notes:  I put gel pens in this Literacy Center.  Those gel pens really make this center a hit!  And in case you're wondering, the plastic cones are a classroom management technique.  If the students need me, they switch the cones, so red is on top.  I purchased those at The Dollar Tree.

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