Saturday, July 30, 2011

Apples for Parents

Since I work at a school that operates on a year-round schedule, our school year has already begun!  Open House was this past Thursday and it was quite a success compared to my previous two years (third time is a charm, hehe).  In years past, I felt like my kiddos' parents would stand around and not know what to do.  So this year, I set up a scavenger hunt of sorts.  Click here to download the document for free at my TPT Store.  The parents picked up a to-do list and helped their child complete the activities.  Each time an activity could be checked off the list, they added a sticker to their paper.  Once the kids had five stickers, they came to me for a prize (piece of candy) and an apple (which I told them to give to their parents).

I am having the hardest time finding the site/blog where I originally downloaded the leaves document from, but Mrs. Meachum has a similar PDF you could download.  I photocopied mine on green paper.  :)

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